This brief was part of the Upstarts programme (fictional brief for a real TV show).

The Brief asked us to create social content for the launch of a new Dating T.V show which aired on TG4 an Irish Language TV network.
The target was 15-24 year olds. The show is a humorous blind date style set up, where the contest chooses a date based on their car and driving skills. There is a twist at the end, where the chosen contestant can either choose to go on a date or take a voucher for a car service.

I had a lot of fun with the brief created a vast amount of online content in response to it.

NOTE: It was an Irish language show hence the spelling Carr = Car  Garaiste= Garage

Below: Storyboard for a teaser video, lots of car innuendos, sexy music, and the show's trailer revealed at the end.

Below Video & Social stunt :  "CARRCHAT" taking inspiration from late night call girl ads,. I created a quick teaser video with cheesy pictures of guys and cars  who want to talk about cars with you. The idea being if you phoned the number a guy would answer.

Twitter Persicope some of the calls live for an extra laugh on  social.


ONLINE HUB: I also created an online space where people could log on for extra content, to discuss the show, make a personalised car themed profile, a meme creator and competitions section