This was a fun little social campaign that I worked on for Samsung. We were tasked to create a series of social videos that would engage the audience and create a bit of hype in the lead up to the launch of the Galaxy S10. 

We tapped into nostalgia by taking moments of pop culture and recreated these scenarios, showing the Galaxy phone models doing the Harlem Shake, wearing Pharrell’s infamous brown hat and much more. The campaign generated a of of love on social. Here are two of my favourites.

Agency: Leo Burnett
Aisling Dowling & Lucy Ochoa-Petit

List of moments:

2018 Fortnite.

2017 Fidget Spinners.

2016 The Mannequin challenge.

2015 The blue/black dress /gold/white dress

2014 Pharrell’s brown hat.

2013 Harlem shake

2012 YOLO

2011 Planking

2010 Vuvuzelas at the world cup.