This was a fictional brief as part of the ICAD Upstarts programme to create a campaign for Life Style Sports (Sports Retailer) sponsorship of Park Run. The brief asked us to create an idea to get people who used to run or have never run to sign up to Park Run.

People can be put off my running as they think they cant do it or have no one to do it with.  I felt thats Lifestyle's role in the sponsorship should be to INSPIRE & MOTIVATE & REWARD those who sign up. 

THE IDEA - Reasons to Run. 

There are so many benefits to running, so LSS & Park run would like to share with you through various pieces of content, activations and social why you can run and should run.

I created an APP for people to download. (Anyone who attends a park run has a unique bar code that tracks their times).

The app feeds in data collected from your park run 

1. You can track progress 

2. You can start a run and invite people from your Park Run Group.

3. After every 3- 5 runs you unlock rewards such as special content, discounts at Life Style Sports, and freebies giving people an incentive to keep running and unlocking more.

4. Extras will include content videos created by Lifestyle Sports for park run, such as stretching, nutrition, work outs and runners tips