The Lady tinkle is a Female urination device.

Aim of the brief was to boost awareness of the product, and find other uses. The target: Females who enjoy the outdoors, in particular female festival goers. The Proposition: Pee like a man.

My idea: Stand Tall - The Battle of Girls V Toilets is over.

My concept dramatises the idea that toilets have been a tough struggle for women, but now we have this new weapon to conquer any toilet and go in any conditions. LadyTinkle is our freedom. Women can now stand tall. 

T.V: Communicate the product and show other use occasions, in the an over-dramatic, fun and bold way. Think, Braveheart. Taking place with women at a festival (see storyboards below)

One of the issues women often encounter is a difficultly in locating a bathroom, this is made more difficult if a language barrier comes into play. With the App I wanted to resolve this issue. My app has a section that translates “Where is the bathroom?” into any language selected by the user. The user can then see and hear the translation.

The app also features a customisation tool to make the product more personal before they buy, and an about and tips section.



To further promote the LT amongst young women,  I have created a pop shop/stalls inside Topshop.  Topshop is an extremely popular store and fully embraces festival going as a season in itself, I thought it would be great to partner with them for a few weeks before Summer to boost awareness.  
They could do demo days, with with disposable LT’s in-store.
They will promote LT for festivals, and for people going travelling or backpacking as the essential must have accessory.