The ICAD upstarts is a highly commended programme for young creatives in Advertising held each year. There are only 20 places and you must answer a brief to win a place on the programme. During the programme you are mentored by senior advertising creatives and must answer a new brief each week, presenting your ideas in a weekly session with creative directors and students over the course of 6 weeks.


This was my entry into the ICAD Upstarts programme 2015. The brief asked to sell The Pet Rock or a useless item of your own invention/choosing to the current Irish Market using whatever media you deemed fit. 

My idea is a bag of fresh air* a useless product as air is all around us and free! I chose to package and stylize it making it into a desirable product. It’s USP is that it’s like a burst of air that as good as being outside* 

It comes in 3 variations.  Alpine Forest, Desert Oasis and Sea Breeze.

Tagline: “It’s fresh air without having to leave the house.