When the Irish EuroMillions launched their new campaign and branding in September 2016, it introduced a new world of fantastic possibilities.A paradise island had been bought and donated to the people of Ireland… but where did this island come from and how did it end up in our hands?Working as part of a creative team, I was tasked with expanding that part of the story and creating some back story for Roman Romano – the man who sold us paradise.

We decided to make Romano’s original sales ad in a super cheesy and super 80s style, which he would have been used to sell the paradise island in the first place!

This ad was then uploaded to daft.ie (Ireland's top website for buying/renting property) along with a full listing for the island detailing all of the wonders and pleasures that could be enjoyed there. Any viewers who picked up the phone for an enquiry were then treated to an extra bit of Romano content, as his voicemail promised to help all their dreams come true.

Agency: DDFH&B 

Client: The National Lottery

Creatives: Aisling Dowling & Conor Cunniffe

Daft.ie Listing below