Consent is an important and controversial topic in the media. And although governments around the world are rethinking the laws around consent, many people are still unsure about what consent is. 

 Idea: Help young people understand consent by showing them what it looks, sounds and feels like. 

Execution: Create the Durex Consent Machine, a machine that defines consent, reminds people to ask for it and rewards those who participate.

Couples must touch the machine at the same time, agreeing to always ask for consent, to receive a special pack of free condoms and other prizes. Since people usually hook up at music festivals, we can launch this stunt at Coachella, giving away free condoms along with other big prizes like backstage passes or ‘perfect dates’ to a lucky few. We’d follow up by setting up consent machines in train stations and popular bars or clubs in major cities. 

Creatives: Aisling Dowling & Lucy Ochoa-Petit