This project was the winning group project for DIT/IAPI Pitch Night 2014.

Aim of the brief: Make Irish people more informed around the issue of online privacy, encouraging them to make conscious choices about sharing of personal information online.  I worked as Art director/Creative team lead in this group college project. 

Target Audience: 18 - 26 year olds

The idea:  CarefulNow. Help young people make informed decisions around data sharing by giving them relevant, beneficial and interesting information, with a bit of Irish humour.

(Above) Print/OOH

Above posters based on three key scenarios that relate to data privacy.

1. People will make judgements about you based on what they see online.

2. People don't read Terms & Conditions, or Privacy Polices.

3. People over share online.


Bus WiFi - Stunt Experiment

The experiment highlights how easy willing share our data (log ins via social networks/email) 
and how we will dismiss reading terms & conditions and or privacy policies in order to gain rewards (in this case free wifi) 
It  highlights how the outcome could have very negative effects. 

Digital - "The walk of shame"

Interactive experience that reveals your online impression and digital trail. After your experience you are asked to share online and tag a friend. You are also directed to go to to amp up your privacy settings. A physical version  was also created as stunt at a college.

CarefulNow website. 
Linear personalised journey. User logs in through social or email to have a personalised, fun and informative education on data privacy.

Sections include:  
A password checker with an Irish touch.
Data information.
Information of Top 8 apps about data.
LinkedIn profile created from Facebook information.
Help section.

All work copyright Dublin Institute of Technology.